Chris is an experienced Licensed Mental Health Counselor, trained in multiple approaches to counseling, including psychoanalytic psychotherapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and relational psychology, as a direct result of a rich experience in working with adults, children, families, and couples.


I have extensive experience in working with adults, children, and families:

  • Wilderness Therapy: My therapeutic background began in working with adolescents in a wilderness therapy program in Central Oregon, working with groups of boys and girls struggling with depression, anxiety, oppositional behaviors and substance abuse, eating disorders, and disorders on the autism spectrum.
  • Psychiatric Hospitals: During my graduate studies I had the privilege of working in a inpatient hospital with adults suffering with severe mental illnesses. I have also worked as a Clinical Therapist at a children’s psychiatric hospital, working with children and adolescents struggling with severe mental illness, depression and anxiety, and trauma. I currently work with a psychiatric hospital performing psychiatric assessments in community hospitals.
  • Catholic Community Services: I have worked as a Family Therapist for families and children struggling with profound brokenness and mental illness in Therapeutic Foster Care homes, helping them in parenting skills, conflict resolution, and individual therapy.
  • Training Counseling Students: I have worked with The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology as a Practicum Facilitator, training first year graduate students in counseling skills and techniques.

I regularly seek clinical consultation with both a psychoanalyst and a supervisor. These consultations help me in thinking and working through the internal process of my work with patients.  All patient information is kept very confidential.

Personal Background

I was born and raised on a small farm in Eastern Nebraska.  For my undergraduate degree I attended the University of Wyoming, and I gained my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.

My first career was in outdoor education, working as a professional climbing guide and coordinator for an outdoor adventure program in Wyoming.  I have guided people in the outdoors throughout much of the Western United States teaching wilderness skills, wilderness medicine, and outdoor leadership.

I am a Christian, with a background in the Evangelical and Anglican traditions.  I believe one’s faith and beliefs very much influence the construct of the inner process, but also that certain religious language can cloud meaning.  In my work I follow the patient’s lead in how they bring their own beliefs into the conversation.

My current interests lie in British Object Relations and the theoretical concepts of Wilfred Bion and Donald Meltzer, studying the effects of severe trauma within young children’s relationship to their caregivers.  As well, I am deeply interested in the integration of psychology and the ancient Christian theology of desert father/mother asceticism.  This has led me into exploring vast realms of wilderness within the North Cascades, studying how individuals experience psychological change within fierce landscapes.

I live in Seattle, WA with my wife and our young daughter.

Chris Moseman, MA, LMHC

Chris Moseman, MA, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor