Psychotherapy is a type of conversation that you’ve been taught all of your life NOT to have

Psychotherapy is an honest, sometimes discomforting, often revealing conversation in the things most people  are unaware of in how they relate to others, and exploring why this way of relating may relate to early life experiences.   This is why entering into psychotherapy, even walking in the door, is a courageous act.  My approach is one of listening and reflecting; like a mirror that speaks, holding up the image that we cannot see in ourselves.  We may talk about present-day immediate struggles, or about story and events of the past.  We may talk about dreams, and how they paint a picture of our inner world.  Within all of this, I follow you where you take me within the session.

We often are led to believe that our mind is the most reliable source of information for who we are

It is my belief that it is our bodies that also hold memory, contained within an emotional memory, before our mind even thinks a thought.  Within psychotherapy, we pay attention to both; listening, not just for words, but for ways in which memory is experienced in the body, what has been called the “unthought known” that we are unaware of.

I am an interpersonal psychotherapist

Much of my attention within the session in directed toward your experience within relationships, both past and present, and particularly your way of relating that is within our relationship as client and therapist.  There may be times were I have suggestions in how to navigate painful emotions and symptoms that make life really difficult, but it is also my belief that for true, lasting change we must go to what is under the painful symptoms, that which is revealed within the relationship between you and me.